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Bitkax platform is the fastest way to exchange any cryptocurrencies (on-ramp and off-ramp) without registrations, KYC and long waits. It is one of the best crypto to crypto exchanges that established trust for a long time in the market.


This is the perfect place to start your cryptocurrency journey. With its secure platform, wide range of cryptocurrencies, and low fees, Bitkax makes it easy to buy, sell, and swap cryptocurrencies.

Why Choose Bitkax? How it works

There are many reasons why you should choose Bitkax
as your cryptocurrency exchange:

No registration required

Unleash your trading freedom with Bitkax - no registration needed, instant access to the world of crypto.

Wide choice
Extensive currency pairs

Embrace the boundless potential of crypto trading with Bitkax's diverse selection of over 1000+ supported currency pairs!

Non-Custodial security

Secure Your Crypto with Bitkax's Fortified Non-Custodial Approach.

Innovative support

Our highly responsive support team is always available to assist you with your inquiries.


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Exchange fiat and crypto currencies without registrations, KYC, and long waits.

50+ Fiat currencies

1000+ Crypto currencies

5min Average Exchange Time